Naughty Office

Cody is having a bad day at work. His boss is always on his ass about the job he does, he has to work on the weekends, and on top of that, when he came into the break room for lunch, someone ate his pizza! Veruca James walks into the room and checks the fridge for pizza. She tries to comfort Cody and decides that she needs to cheer this guy up. Veruca tells him that he needs to get back at his boss in a way that his boss could never think of, by fucking in the break room. Cody says no, but Veruca tells him it’s a Saturday and no one is here but them. Cody doesn’t know that Veruca is his boss! Just maybe if Cody does a good job fucking her, he’ll get to keep his job and maybe get a promotion.

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The Art Of Fucking

Veruca James loves to study the arts. Her favorite pieces are all nudes, because she loves the human form, but her domineering husband thinks she should devote her time to more practical matters instead. Luckily, her art teacher Master Sins is more appreciative of the female form than her asshole husband. To teach her everything she needs to know, he strips her out of her dress and licks her wet pussy. Veruca sucks his fat cock like an eager little student, and then spreads her lovely legs so that he can fuck her tight little hole. But what will her husband say if he finds out about these extra-curricular activities?

The Art Of Fucking starring Veruca James

I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night

Veruca James doesn’t usually get bad dreams, but the one she had last night was really weird. She dreamed some freaky-ass clown was chasing her all through an abandoned house. And when he finally caught up to her, all he wanted was to make sure she made her massage appointment. That clown rubbed oil into her feet and toes, then ran his hands up and down the muscles of her legs. Once she had loosened up a bit, he teased her pink pussy until she was really desperate for a fuck.

I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night starring Veruca James

Shaming the Shooter

Van loves his job as a shooting assistant on sexy photo shoots so much that he’s been sneaking pervy shots of his own on his camera phone! When his boss Veronica Avluv catches him, she, Veruca James and Emily Austin decide to give Van a taste of his own medicine!

Shaming the Shooter starring Veronica Avluv and Veruca James with Emily Austin

I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One

Veruca James is a tough criminal who pleads temporary insanity to get out of doing time. But she’s not fooling anybody, especially not the doctor overseeing her mental evaluation. Desperate to stay out of prison, Veruca steals her doctor’s lab coat and makes a crafty escape. She’s trying to find her way out of the hospital, when she bumps into another patient Erik and his huge cock. He promises not to rat her out, so Veruca shows how thankful she is by fucking him like the real slut she is.

I'm Not A Doctor, But I Play One starring Veruca James

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